Celebrating 10 Years of Pure Nepalese Hospitality

Preston is a melting pot of many diverse culinary cultures, and adding to the happening culinary scene in Preston is Bhetghat Restaurant!

Inspired by the rich and varied influences of the many groups from the culturally and ethnically diverse nations of Nepal and India, the food here is a reflection of the many different colors and layers of these countries and their people. Our chefs come all the way from Nepal and India, so you are sure to get the most authentic food experience when it comes to Asian cuisine.

But the Bhetghat Restaurant experience doesn’t start with the food. It starts off with our impeccable service that seeks not just to serve, but to delight! Our chefs take care to customize our food to your unique tastes, so that you can partake in the experience of a new cuisine. They are not only adept at traditional favorites, but also innovate to give a contemporary twist to classics. So that when you come and dine with us, you can choose from a wide range of dishes that a mix of old classics and original new recipes. We also have a good selection of wines and spirits to complement your meal with, as well as a range of delicious desserts to add a dash of sweet to your meals. All in all, we strive to make Bhetghat Restaurant a perfect choice to make any evening special.

But in case you can’t make it to our restaurant, then there are other ways you can enjoy our food. You can always order online for a Nepalese or Indian food delivery to anywhere in Preston. Alternatively, you could also place an online order to pick up a piping hot takeaway if you live in or around Preston.

We look forward to having you over.


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